Student Services

Students In Transition (Homeless)

Kennewick School District provides support and resources to students who have become homeless or find themselves in housing situations that are short-term, temporary and transitional. These services are aimed at helping students stay connected and engaged in school so they can succeed.

Title I and Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

Title I programs and services provide customized instruction and curricula that help students who struggle to learn meet academic standards and take an active, engaged interest in what they learn and can do. Title I programs build equity of opportunity for children whose struggles often keep them on the academic sidelines.

LAP programs serve eligible students who need academic support for reading, writing and math, or who need graduation assistance at the high school. With special emphasis on literacy in the early grades, schools provide supplemental services to give students a strong academic start.

Communities in Schools (CIS)

Communities In Schools of Benton-Franklin (CIS) works inside K-12 schools, full time, to build relationships with students that empower them to stay in school and succeed in life.

CIS connects students with the relationships and resources they need to succed, whether it's school supplies, food, help with school work or someone to talk to when things get tough. Unlike other programs that operate before or after school, CIS staff are in schools during the school day. This allows them to partner with teachers and gain insight into students' lives and classroom experiences. The CIS staff members coordinate with the communty, including businesses, health care providers and other agencies, to bring outside resources inside schools and help students succeed.